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One of MODORI Corporation’s business areas is to set up the fish processing line from the fishing fleet to the on-shore industry. As one of the reliable fish processing line designing companies, our technology will be customized for the pelagic, whitefish and fish-farming industries, and MODORI Corporation also offers everything from a single installation adapted to existing systems to complete systems.

MODORI Corporation who is backed by years of experiences in solving problems and is thoroughly knowledgeable of the latest advances in handling seafood carries out analysis, design and takes care of engineering, installation and commissioning. Throughout the whole process, our main objective is fish handling with care from when the catch is hauled on the board until it is ready for distribution to the market.

The early stage of the engineering process includes;

Customer Information and Needs
A Study of the Different Alternative
A Proposal for the Technical Solution with Related Drawings
Financial Access of the Solution
Formalizing the Order

MODORI Corporation can design and perform the following fish processing lines ;