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MODORI Corporation supplies all types of freezer pans for fillet or whole round production. Our freezer pans which are being used on-board factory trawlers and on-shore plant as well are made of stainless steel, or aluminium or galvanized carbon steel welded with an acid-washing.

Just contact us with a brief sketch, then we will e-mail you a drawing for your approval. We will deliver the pan directly to the fishing ground by a nominated carrier or ship it out by LCL container everywhere.
11 Kg. Aluminum Freezer Pans
16 Kg. Aluminum Freezer Pans
16.5 lbs Single Frame Aluminum Freezer Pans
Galvanized Carbon Steel IQF Freezer Pans
10 Kg. Surimi Freezer Pans
Repairing Freezer Pans for Rotary Tunnel Freezer