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MODORI Corporation also acts as a sales agent of ScanBelt A/S in Denmark who provides innovative plastic modular belt solutions for all applications and industries and who develops and manufactures products under a dynamic intellectual property portfolio.

In the field of plastic modular conveyor belt, the name of ScanBelt has a good reputation throughout the world, and more than 40 plastic modular belt types offer solutions to various industries. ScanBelt also considers innovation a repeating cycle, therefore further belt types are in development providing further solutions to our industry partners.
The ranges of application for ScanBelt Plastic Modular Conveyor Belt are Food Processing Industry (Fruit & Vegetables, Seafood, Bakery, Sweets and Meat & Poultry, etc…), Bottling Industry (Beer, Softdrinks and Dairy, etc…), Technical Industry (Elevation & Friction, Washing & Drying and Packaging, etc…), Automative Industry, Logistics Industry, Paper Industry, Textile Industry, Dairy Industry, Passenger Elevator and Misc. Functions (Cigarettes, Tires and Lumber, etc…).
" Are you planning to install a set of plastic modular belt conveyor
in your plant?
Just contact us with a brief sketch,
then we will recommend you a relevant type of ScanBelt
with a drawing which will describe our programme of accessories in details, as well as providing you with general information of the technical aspects of the belts.
You will be more than welcome to ask for our quotation & technical advice. "
Product Types
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