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In accordance with ISSA Ship Stores Catalogues, a wide variety of goods used on board ship can be supplied by MODORI Corporation to the fishing ground by a nominated carrier. The placing and receiving of orders by coded number has proved a boon to ship and supplier alike, saving time and money and preventing mistakes and misunderstandings.

In separation with ISSA Ship Store Catalogues, MODORI Corporation is also in a position to supply all kinds of spare parts and equipment to be manufactured by a separate order, or to be imported from the original manufacturers, and those are like
▶ Fish processing machinery
▶ Refrigeration
▶ All Products Manufactured by the Former GDR (German Democratic Republic)
▶ Deck Equipment and Winches
BAADER Spare Parts
▶ Danfoss Solenoid Valves
▶ StraPack Banding Machine Spare Parts
▶ Air Plasma Cutter (Unitor or Korean Brand)
▶ Air Compressors
▶ All Types of Pump and Cooler
▶ All Kinds of Electric Motors
▶ Hydraulic Accessories
▶ Fishing Hooks and Nets
▶ etc…
“ Do you have a difficulty to get the parts
manufactured in the former GDR?
Please contact us with your needs, we will find it out
how MODORI Corporation can contribute
to your Company’s requirement. ”